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I was Playing Meepcity on Roblox. I locked my door to my House and lot of Black wierd people was in my House but someone Black named ”Leader” Touched me and i Got to a Place by “Leader” and i was in a Black Place now. I Saw Light and started following it. Finally i Got there but the Light was an Angel WHO so after turned into a Big monster. When the Big monster killed me i got kicked reason: hI liTtLe BoY. A week after i lokkede up “Black Leader“ on Roblox but couldnt find him. But i found someone named “MrBlackUser” he was having a youtube Channel. So i clicked it. The youtube Channel was named “The Thing Thats After Albert” so i was Scared because if you know Albert/Flamingo This guy send Flamingo/Albert a lot of creepy messages. There was a video named ”LIGHT” and it was just like in that game i Got into. The other was named “Merry Christmas Albert!” Where u could see a Black screen and someone saying “Merry Christmas Albert!” with a scary voice. One week after he made a video named “To Albert!” Where there was a man looked like a hacker just starring at the screen for 23 seconds. a Month after i Got on his roblox account agian but couldnt go on his youtube from that. Now its like That well see you soon!

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